Final NAB meeting within the project “Serious Games for Social & Creativity Competencies”

On Friday 26th of June 2015, Career Guidance and Counselling Centre of Belgrade Open School organized final meeting within the project “Serious Games for Social & Creativity Competencies”. The representatives of schools which participated in the project and the members of National Advisory Board attended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to gather professionals who work in the field of education and social inclusion and to present them the materials developed within the project as well as the preliminary findings of the usability and evaluation process.

At the beginning of the meeting, BOS project team explained the aims of the project, activities and The Serbian National Report – main results from the research on the use of educational computer games. After that, project team presented Curriculum of serious games for social and creativity competence, Social competence unit & Appendix Practices and exercises of social competence and creativity, Illustrated handbook, the desktop and mobile games and Trainers’ manuals (for desktop game “Inca’s island” and for the mobile game “Inca’s quest”). In addition, the evaluation plan was presented as well as the initial piloting and testing findings.

Representatives from the following institutions were present at the meeting: Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of the Government of Serbia, Ministry of Youth and Sport and NGO Social Link.

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