Final conference on SGSCC project

SGSCC project reached its final month, when the partners presented the results of their work to the general public. On 3rd June, 2015 the project partners organized a final international conference, where visitors from Bulgaria and abroad had the opportunity to observe the presentation of electronic games and training manuals, developed within the project.

In addition, participants heard opinions from the users of the games and manuals, shared directly by them. Participants from piloting phase in Bulgaria and Austria shared the opinion that the games developed within SGSCC are interesting and useful, and people with disabilities can use them to develop their social skills and competences, but the approach should be individual to each player in order to achieve real training effect.

The exercises included in the manual are also applicable according to users in Bulgaria, but every trainer must adapt them to the potential of their students with disabilities. Apart from the views and opinions that were shared there were presentations and demonstrations of games and manuals presented by the partners responsible for their development. For example the games for PC and mobile phones were presented respectively by experts from Nottingham Trent University, UK and the company called Hiteko, Lithuania. Representatives of the project coordinator PU “Paisii Hilendarski” acquainted the participants with the guidelines for the development of social competence and creativity.

The event had a very good attendance, and participants numbered over 95 people. They were mainly the principals and teachers of schools and kindergartens, psychologists, social workers, parents of people with disabilities, students with a professional interest in the development of social competence and creativity, academics and other people somehow related to training and support for people with disabilities.

The conference was also reflected in Bulgarian media through articles and interviews published in the “Maritsa” newspaper, “Plovdiv 24” informational website, and Radio Plovdiv. After the official ceremony the participants were invited to a cocktail party, where discussions continued in an informal setting.